Here at Lanmer

We are fully dedicated to our client’s needs. We provide consultation services from the idea phase and are there for you to perform the aftersales service and support for all our provided solutions and equipment to ensure Your long-term success.


All Companies need to ensure that the results provided by the equipment are correct and accurate. Lanmer OÜ is equipped with the certified equipment to calibrate your equipment to achieve precise results. Calibrations done by our experienced staff will guarantee accurate and reliable results.

We provide solutions from leaders in the field of laboratory equipment and offer calibration of every type of equipment such as qPCR, PCR thermal cyclers, freezers etc. to guarantee your results.

Maintenance and Planned maintenance (PM)

We also offer to you planned maintenance (PM) to check and service the equipment routinely to avoid instrument breakdowns. During the PM our engineer will check every part of equipment which are advised by producers such as mechanical parts and measuring electronics boards to keep your equipment in the good condition. Maintenance will prevent any unwelcome damage.

Technical support

We are ready to assist you if you have any problems with any type of laboratory equipment. We will troubleshoot and fix the problem on your site in a timely matter, and as an experienced technical support provider we understand our clients need for urgency.