repair and planned maintenance

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We are ready to go into details to find the best solution for you and to ensure your success!

We support the smooth flow of your laboratory work in 3 main areas: machine repair, calibration and scheduled maintenance. We have high qualified engineers with specialization in the field of molecular biology, genetics, dairy, food, environmental and general laboratory instruments.

We believe that once the original manufacturers stop supporting Your instruments, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE END. We are ready to support You with setting up regular maintenance based on Your equipment needs, perform short-notice repair and continuous maintenance to ensure Your full lab or equipments optimal and continuous performance.


1- Laboratory mapping, identification of any malfunction or issues and suggestive maintenance plan (can be ordered as standalone service)
Yearly service contract
3- Planned maintenance
4- Calibration
5- Repairment (included short-notice repairment)